This One Doesn’t Really Count

In my Winnipegland there is no 21st century. In fact nothing much happens post-1970, and I try to ignore that it’s 21st century technology that gives Winnipegland a readership at all, or indeed a writer. I ought to be more grateful, and today I am, because the next reader will be my five thousandth.

I’m back with Winnipegland after a few months in the highly overrated here and now, and although I haven’t been writing for Winnipegland lately, its backlist of 38 miniatures has been receiving visitors every day, and now I’m coming to a motivating milestone . Five thousand is hardly what folks call viral, but in my post-1970 career in the business of real books, it was often the number that for publishers indicated critical mass: work worth publishing, if hardly bestseller-list-bound. That’s viral enough for me.

If you’re reading Winnipegland today, why not leave a comment and claim number 5000 status, or near as dammit? I’d love to have some personal sense of the special reader who reassured me that Winnipegland is where I should stay.