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It’s Winnipegland because to me Winnipeg is a theme park, and the theme is my entire childhood. My old homes and schools, the drugstore I robbed blind, the house where a seven year old beauty named Agnes LaChance lived, the baseball diamond kitty-corner to her, and so on and on: all far better than any Disney attraction  I left for points west at seventeen, so the town for me is frozen in time, impossibly virginal, shimmering and young. A few of the vignettes here will feature  “Me ‘n’ Kenny McGhie”, an entity indivisible and indestructible for a couple of years as the fifties became the sixties. We still chat on the phone from time to time, and as recently as last year, 55 years on, we were both still pining for Agnes, who has never grown old, and for all we know is still stopping seven year old boys in their tracks..

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  1. Deborah Brown

    Love it, Bill! As long as I don’t see something totally appalling or tantalizingly true about me on your blog. I bet if we collaborated we could come up with a “best seller” based on the too- true- to-be-believed escapades of our dearest “Geno”, lol! Btw, He was christened that by my brother-in-law, Eldon, way back in the day.

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