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It’s Winnipegland because to me Winnipeg is a theme park, and the theme is my entire childhood. My old homes and schools, the drugstore I robbed blind, the house where a seven year old beauty named Agnes LaChance lived, the baseball diamond kitty-corner to her, and so on and on: all far better than any Disney attraction  I left for points west at seventeen, so the town for me is frozen in time, impossibly virginal, shimmering and young. A few of the vignettes here will feature  “Me ‘n’ Kenny McGhie”, an entity indivisible and indestructible for a couple of years as the fifties became the sixties. We still chat on the phone from time to time, and as recently as last year, 55 years on, we were both still pining for Agnes, who has never grown old, and for all we know is still stopping seven year old boys in their tracks..

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  1. Deborah Brown

    Love it, Bill! As long as I don’t see something totally appalling or tantalizingly true about me on your blog. I bet if we collaborated we could come up with a “best seller” based on the too- true- to-be-believed escapades of our dearest “Geno”, lol! Btw, He was christened that by my brother-in-law, Eldon, way back in the day.

  2. Lin Edwards

    OK…did a Google search on Covered Wagon Trailer Park in Winnipeg. Delightful to find a number of references to my childhood including Carol Britnell, who was one of the 4-pack which included my sister, comprised of Tannis, Lynda, Arlene and Carol that hung around at our house “getting ready” by emptying cans of hairspray until you couldn’t breathe and smearing on Buzz-Buzz pink lipstick. The things that stick in the admiring eyes of the 5 year old sister! My sister passed away four years ago and her daughter dropped off a box of “people I don’t know”. Funny looking through all the Southwood Avenue days and people.

    One of my sisters was a patrol on that very corner, Waterford and Beaumont. Wore “the badge” proudly. Very cool.

    This next generation is buying homes in the neighborhood that “Grandma lived in”.

    Things I remember: The Waterford Gang (because they stole my candy on Hallowe’en); Windermere United Church and CGIT – sold the best Hallowe’en candy kisses in the world – promptly stolen by the aforesaid Waterford Gang; the community club and 10 cent movies on Friday night where you could buy a bag of candy (Mojos!) to last through the movie for the remainder of your quarter. Only cool kids could “give cuts” to their friends in the line up! I was not a cool kid and was generally last in line. The community club was where I first heard, while lacing up my skates, “Mable, Mable. Get off the table. The two bucks is for the beer.” I had no idea what it meant but it was a cool rhyme and my mother did not like me skipping to it when I got home!

    The Martel house on the corner of Waterford and (used to be Nathaniel; now is Daniel) was so scary I used to run past it. It is now beautifully restored!

    • Sue

      Hi Lin,
      I hung out with Carol Britnell, Tannis, Linda, Julie, and Arlene as we went to school together but I lived across the highway in the “mansions”. Who was your sister? Sorry to hear that she passed. You have a good memory – I too remember those Halloween kisses – the best!

      • Lin

        Are you Susan…(M)?…don’t know how much privacy you want. Arlene was my sister and she passed away on May 19, 2016, much too early. She ran into a number of folks from that area who still kept in touch with her even though she moved to The Boonies, Ontario. Gary Weston…remember him…corner of Beaumont and Waterford. . . I think he sold (insurance maybe) and came to her town often.

      • Sue

        Yes, I’m Susan (Sue) and went to school with Arlene. I remember having lunch that your mom made for us and we hung out on your front steps. Arlene was always the “mature” one, yet lots of fun. So sorry to hear that she passed. I’m still in touch with Linda but not the others. Yes, I do remember Gary Weston. He was quite the character. In 1968, he drove Linda and I nonstop! to Toronto from Winnipeg to visit Carol Britnell. I ran into him a number of years ago at Vincent Massey’s 25th reunion. Take care, Lin

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